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Who will you celebrate?

What is Celebration Day?

The idea behind Celebration Day is very simple: once a year – on the last bank holiday Monday in May, we should have a dedicated opportunity to celebrate those who have inspired us.

About the project

Support for Celebration Day

[Celebration Day] is an inspired movement that encourages people to take a moment to renew connections to the wonderful people who may have left our lives but can still live in our memories.

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Stephen Fry English actor, comedian
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What you need to know

What is it?

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Celebration day happens on the last bank holiday Monday in May. It is a dedicated opportunity to celebrate those who have inspired us, not to diminish the loss we feel, but to share our special memories, and all that these people meant to us.

When is it?

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The next Celebration Day will take place on Monday 27th May 2024.

Who is it for?

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Celebration Day is for everyone - all ages, backgrounds, beliefs and cultures. You do not have to sign up, give your money or your data to participate.

What do you do?

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Everyone can decide who they would like to celebrate; there is no detailed prescription for how you should remember. Visit our Inspiration page to find out more.

Find Inspiration to Celebrate

Choose your own way to celebrate, or get inspired with personal stories of Celebration Day activities.

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Kings Post Celebration Day

Featured Announcement

The King presented with first seedling grown from Sycamore Gap tree in honour of Celebration Day

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