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What is Celebration Day?

An Annual Celebration of Life and Love

Celebration Day will take place on the second bank holiday in May and is designed to encourage people to take time out to remember and celebrate the lives of those no longer here.

They may be loved ones, or people who have inspired us and shaped our lives in previous generations. It is a day to connect with each other and those no longer with us.

Keeping Memories Alive

The idea for Celebration Day originated in 2022 with a small group of friends and has grown significantly since then. Like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or Remembrance Day, Celebration Day offers the simple thought: that as individuals and as a society, we are enriched and empowered by keeping the lives of those that are important to us more present. The next Celebration Day will take place on Monday 27th May 2024.

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Who Will You Remember?

Everyone can decide who they would like to celebrate and there is no detailed prescription for how you should remember. 

Choose your own way to celebrate or visit our Inspiration page for ideas.

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View Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about Celebration Day.

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View media coverage, press releases, personal stories of remembrance and recommendations for Celebration Day activities and resources.

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News and Stories